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as a Community

Hubbers offers an extensive range of tools, which can support startups and product development from the ground up.

Our Story

Hubbers is the unique creation of the founder Benjamin Vignon, friends, colleagues, and partners worldwide. Benjamin Vignon is a French expatriate living in South East Asia and a graduate of Korea University. With several decades of experience in product development, he created Hubbers as a method of promoting entrepreneurship around the world and fast-tracking the product development process for startups, product developers, engineers, etc.

Our values


Nurture communities where everyone is encouraged to learn and exchange knowledge.


Support and help sustainable ideas to create a better environmental, social, and economic future.

Be flexible and diverse

Everyone in Hubbers has a voice to be heard. We work with a diverse group of people in an environment of respect and trust.


Hubbers is a unique, one of its kind online product

All the products combined , Hubbers offers everything necessary to create and nurture new products, businesses, and services.

Social media hubbers

Aims to develop an online community of professionals and experts to communicate, meet, and network.

Product development tool

Provides everything necessary for teams to meet and progress their work in one place.


Hubbers invites professionals from various disciplines - from engineers, managers, and designers- to hire or engage, depending on their needs.


Hubbers offers an extensive range of tools

All our products can support startups and product development from the ground up.

Product Launcher

The Product Launcher is a quiz, which invites participants to evaluate precisely how well their business idea is structured. The tool also provides the users with everything they need to complete their vision and business plan.

Hubbers fills in a unique niche on the economic and social spectrum. From one side, it empowers individuals to seek and create solutions through cooperation and collaboration with other similar-minded experts and professionals. And from another perspective, it also seeks to implement innovation, disruption, and creativity in industries in dire need of improvement—climate change, cleaner environment, efficient and clean energy, social cohesion, etc.


Check out the blog to fully explore our beliefs around community, development and sustainability