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Take our quiz and learn precisely where you are on your way to developing a working idea. Even if you have just a glimpse of an idea, we have everything you need right here - all you need is persistence and hard work to make it work.

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Find the weak spots in you product development process and improve it by watching our tutorials for each section. Starting a business requires a diverse set of skills and knowledge, so take your time and make sure you find the correct answers for yourself.

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Find an expert from Hubbers Marketplace to help in areas you need support. There are thousands of people with years of experience in their field, which you don’t have to acquire by yourself. Just reach out to them and ask - it’s as simple as that.

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If you score above 65% on the Product launcher quiz, we’ve got news for you people are lining up to hear more about you. Go to the Hubbers Accelerator, where you will find everything to put the wheels in motion - find some funding and find a team. And what is a better place to start headhunting than from our global community of experts?