Product Development Tool

A collaborative real-time online workspace designed specifically for the needs of professionals and experts in crafting new and innovative products and companies.

Project Management

Accelerate from 0 to 100 in less than 3 seconds without paying for it. With the PDT, you can start at the very beginning when it's just you and your partner. Then, build your way up, expand, right until the moment it's time to enter the market. The PDT can accommodate all your needs during this period. It is simply the ultimate project management SaaS for launching a product.

Onboading and team management

The intuitive and straightforward design of the platform allows you to be as efficient as possible with your working time.The easygoing navigation makes it easy and comfortable for new team members to be included in the present and past work. They can be presented with the tasks and get a clear understanding of their position and what is expected of them - as with all your other team members.

Complete security
on the cloud

Whether personal information, delicate details, or sensitive company data, all projects on the PDT are backed up and encrypted by Hubbers on the cloud. Together with the protection of your login details, Hubbers has created a safe and protected online workspace, which allows its users the comfort to think with a bold vision about the future.

Dashboard Summary

A single place where you know everything at once. All the data you need to know about your current progress, all the data about your future progress, and everything that could be missed in between is here. You have full access and control of the operations with follow-ups and reports on your project and team's key statistics and KPIs.