Accelerator Program

Accelertor Program

The hubbers' accelerator is a step by step program to launch new products in the market.

- Investor to fund innovative project

- The online platform to streamline projects

- A super expert to ensure the well

development of the product.

The accelerator program requires the creator to share the benefice of the product at 12 % for Hubbers, 3% for the super expert and give the exploitation license to Hubbers for 3 years.

See the accelerator FAQ

How does the Hubbers Accelerator work?


Hubbers need to evaluate new project prior to be accepted in the accelerator program. Upon filling the initial 5 modules you will get an assessment and be part of the accelerator program.

Super Expert

Choose your project manager from a pool of professionals with the expertise in the required field.

Work Plan

Create a detailed plan to ensure all the necessary steps of the product development cycle are executed according to standards, expectations, and requirements.

Hire Experts

Find and hire the expert you need to complete your project well. The Hubbers platform provides the opportunity to connect with people and organizations from around the world.

Complete your Business Plan

Test the feasibility of your business idea. Make business planning effective, secure funding, and create an opportunity for your business to succeed.

Product Development

Once your product idea reaches the required score on the Product Launcher, get support from a specialized team of experts/super experts to create your product and deliver it to market. (6-12 months)

Product to Market

Connect with the right market, build relationship with suitable distributors, and get access to established networks to sell and promote your product.

See the accelerator FAQ

Access to our Platform

Our platform is limited to our priority members.

In the meantime enter your information below and we will contact you as soon as the next batch's registrations begin: